7 Pillars of Food Justice

  1.  Eating Healthy Food is a Right.
  2. The current global food system must be resisted and dismantled.
  3. Food Justice recognizes that the causes of food disparity are the result of multiple systems of oppression (White Supremacy,Capitalism, Patriarchy, Ableism, Hetero-sexism, Anthropocentrism),which means that to practice food justice we must do the work through an intersectional lens.
  4. Food Justice advocates must focus on working with the most marginalized and vulnerable populations, which are communities of color, communities in poverty, immigrants, children, our elders, women, people who identify as LGBTQ, those with disabilities and people experiencing homelessness.
  5. Food Justice require us to work towards the elimination of exploitation in our food system, both exploitation of humans and animals.
  6. Food Justice demands that we grow food in such a way that preserves ecological biodiversity and promotes sustainability in all aspects.
  7. Provide resources and skill sharing so that people can be collectively more food self-sufficient.

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